PUBLISHED 02Apr, 2016

Posted in Music

Watch Awake LOVE Orchestra

“Exhilarating and exciting, Awake LOVE Orchestra’s unique sound comes straight from the heart and soul. It is eclectic world music that children will enjoy and make a connection with the universe that they are a part of. It simply oozes passion and artistry and through their music, we want to pass it forward and share it with our audience – YOU.”

Ruby Lim-Yang, Artistic Director, ACT 3 International


Kulturoasen in Uppsala Sunday, November 22 at 2:00pm 

Växhuset  in Västerås Christmas Special 20 Dec at 19:00

Västerås Concert Hall, 22 Jan at 15:00

La Maison Theatre in Montréal, Canada 29th of Jan at 10:30 as part of  IPAY

Västerås Concert Hall 14 April – Warm-up for Mahala Rai Banda

A.S.K Shanghai, China 20 April – 8th of May

ACT3i Festival Singapore 31st of May – 6th of June