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“Maria Sendow is a magnificent Lady of the Lake with great charisma in her steadfast women’s struggle”

“ingenious scenic effects and the energetic radiance of the actors  are the biggest asset.”

“Magnus Jacobsson … amuse and marvels, a stand-up comedian in his verbal eruptions and a slapstick – figure in his movements on the verge of acrobatics”

“it is undoubtedly intriguing to combine the medieval legendary relations to modern realism”

Birgit Ahlberg- Hyse VLT

Martin Bohm photographed our show and here are some of his powerful photos.



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URPREMIÄR av Lady of the Lake 01 December

Final-Poster-1-Lady-of-the-Lake NYEn advokat med alldeles för många #metoo ärenden på sina axlar och tre väsen ur legenden om Kung Arthur och Lady of the Lake.

Vad har de med varandra att göra?

En kvinnlig kraft som hållits under ytan är på väg att bryta fram och vi placeras i gränslandet mellan två världar.

Följ med på en tankeväckande resa där saga möter verklighet. En mytisk familjeföreställning med musik, rörelse och dramatik på både svenska och arabiska.

1/12 kl. 18.00
2/12 kl. 15.00
6/12 kl. 18.00
9/12 kl. 15.00 och kl. 18.00

KÖP BILJETTER hos Kulturbiljetter

Kulturbiljetters kundtjänst på, 08 – 50 25 40 80.


SPELTID: 60 minuter
SPELPLATS: Växhuset, Västerås

MANUS: Amanda Högberg och Conny Petersén

MEDVERKANDE: Hanna Björck, Maria Sendow, Mustafa Alshihawi & Magnus Jacobsson
REGI: Christopher Sivertsen
DESIGN: Alex Berry
LJUSDESIGN: Guillaume Pissembon
DRAMATURG: Kerstin Helsing

I samarbete med:
Skådebanan, Växhuset Västerås, Västerås stad, Region Västmanland
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Lady of the Lake Exhibition 12th of Sept

Lady of The Lake – a project that investigates the power balance between genders, historically, inter-culturally and locally.

We kickstart this autumn with a work demonstration. Come and take part in the music and parts of the written material for the performance which will open 1st of Dec. Also see the interactive exhibition of Alex berry design process at the Arts museum

Lady of the Lake Karlsgatan 12 Sept

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Youth Projects in London as part of Mapping Brent

This April, a process that started in October 2017, culminated in two smashing youth shows, performed by young people from the Neasden area in north west London. The project was managed and funded by the Kiln Theatre (previously The Tricycle Theatre) Christopher Sivertsen lead the artistic process with sessions each Thursday finalising the process in two performances. The young people has had the opportunity to meet professional artists and develop the story and scenario themselves. Awake Projects associate and writers Catriona Kerridge and Christopher Finnegan developed the stories in close communication with the young ones and gathered their own artistc material from free writing, poetry writing and improvisation  sessions. Designed by Awake projects associate artist Alex Berry.


The result was BLANKET by Christopher Finnegan

Photos Alex Brenner

And We Are Here to Stay by Catriona Kerridge

Photos Alex Brenner

PUBLISHED 10Apr, 2018

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“Blanket” and “We Are Here to Stay” opens this week in London

Christopher Sivertsen has directed two theatre pieces with Press Road young company as part of Tricycle Theatre’s Mapping Brent project in London. Blanket written by Awake Projects associate Christopher Finnegan and We Are Here to Stay by The North Wall alumni Catriona Kerridge.

Both pieces are designed by Awake Projects designer Alex Berry.

7pm Thurs 11th and Fri 12th at St Cathrine’s Church Hall, Neasden Lane, NW10 1QB, London


Inspired and written by the cast, Blanket is an offering of the minds and points of view of some of our young citizens.

An expression of what the world looks like today from the eyes of a young person setting out on their journey into adolescence and beyond.

Blanket showcases the wisdom of youth and gives voice to the complex thoughts and emotions of these brilliant young people. This performance is an opportunity for them to be seen, heard and acknowledged as talented, intellectual, imaginative and passionate individuals


We Are Here to Stay – One park, six super heroes. Meet the mismatched but best matched. The park is their place to relax, but something’s up.

With one last mission, a mini love story and a friendship, the park is restored. It’s now time for the superheroes to take off their skins and become human again. But if you need help, don’t forget the park.


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Good bye 2017

IMG_43222017 is gone and we have been extremely busy. Looking back we can sum it up like this:

Awake LOVE Orchestra Performed 23 shows for 5549 people in Sweden, USA and China

Honkan & Hanneluring perfomed 19 performances all over Sweden for 1005 people.

Rackar och Unge Performed 7 shows for 320 people

I’m Purple Bitch! Performed 51 shows in Sweden and Norway for 3892 people.

Rösegårdskolan – we did a performance with the children of this school seen by 379 People.

TOTAL of 100 shows seen by 11, 145 people

Lets get crackin’ on this new 2018!