Maria Sendow (S)

Maria Sendow

Maria started her career in several shows with the renowned polish company Teatr Piesn Kozla’. After winning multiple awards, at Ed Fringe and others, and touring the world she continued with touring as a principal performer with James Thiereé in his production Au Revoir Paraplui (Théâtre de la Ville, Paris- Sadlers Wells, London- BAM, NYC- Sydney Festival etc.)


Maria has co-created, co-written musical scores and performed for Awake Projects since the birth of the company. Maria is artistic director of the company since 2015.


“When Christopher and I left The Slava Theatre in 1998 we decided to make ”our theatre”, ”our” images and live ”our dreams”. We knew at that time that we were not ready and that there was too much knowledge and inspiration to be found in those who had walked down that road before us. Now we walk alone”.

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