Hanna Björck (S)

Hanna Björck

Hanna leads big projects and fire shows, and has been directing the play Bernardas House by Federico García Lorca with graduating students 2010. And conducting works for choir such as A God Disguised (Förklädd Gud) composed by Lars-Erik Larsson with school kids in 2008. Hanna co-leads a Voice/Body/Drama workshop with Maria Sendow.

“I cannot remember being asked to join The Awake Project! I went to school, and I finished school, and I think that I have been doing Awake ever since. Awake is a big adventure to me. An adventure where I get to explore all those things that I want to do. And I find out new things all the time, things that I could not even dream of doing before. I also get to work with fantastic and experienced people. I get to learn and grow together with them in this exciting project.”

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