The Music

Awake LOVE Orchestra has been entertaining audiences all over Europe since 2009. Since 2016 also Canada, China and Singapore. Made up by Awake Projects multi-talented and award-winning ensemble, we give you a musical experience that takes you from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, to Eastern Europe and the American music of today. The music breathes passion and love, with it’s fusion of haunting folk and contemporary groove.

The unique sound has been created through inspiration from the places the ensemble visited through the years, working with different companies, such as Teater Slàva in Sweden, Teatr Pieśń Kozła (Song of the Goat theatre) in Poland and Compagnie du Hanneton i France.

Awake LOVE Orchestra can play at any venue, the sound can be adapted to everything from fine-tuned a capella to playful and groovy party music. The ensemble has played everything from small french churches to extravagant shows for big audiences. But no matter the size, no one will be left untouched.

Our lifelong research into songs and sounds from all over the world, and across the ages brings songs such as Rachmaninoff’s Ave Maria, sacred Sardinian Sanctus and old folk tunes from Sweden all mixed up with sounds from modern music we love from the dance floor.

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Because of the orchestras traveling nature, our ensemble takes many forms. Right now it consists of:

Maria Sendow (SE) – Vocals

Hanna Björck (SE) – Vocals, Cello

Christopher Sivertsen (NO) – Vocals, Percussion

Jonas Färnlöf (SE) – Bass, Keys, Percussion, Loop master, Rap

Christoffer Rogerson (SE) – Vocals, Percussion, Guitar, Flute

Oliviero Papi (AUS) – Vocals, Text, Percussion

And also associate musicians:

Johan Bark (SE) – Vocals, Bass, Percussion

Viktor Olsson (SE) – Vocals, Keys


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