During our years of playing for both large and small audiences, we’ve tried to collect as many reviews as we can, here’s a selection:

“A completely mind-blowing, heart-rocketing and transcending experience, which for me transcends cultural difference and brings people in sync with love. It’s all about experiencing, connectedness unity and beauty” – Audience member at Västmanalands Teater, 2012

“Awake LOVE Orchestra is exceptionally dynamic, versatile, charismatic and in total connivance with each other and the general public who took part in this remarkable show”– La Depeche (France)

“We loved this show – an imaginative, engaging and talented cast. The standing ovation was well deserved. Highly recommended” – Lesley Fraser,

**** “The theme is love and it is beautifully expressed through the group’s absolute joy for music. Excellent song arrangements take the visitors from one culture and century to another; the music of Russia, Sweden, America, England, Poland, among others, are fused together seamlessly as choral music and hip hop collide. The talent coming from this small, international ensemble is obvious as they use their mouths, bodies and instruments to create sound in an wonderfully unique and connected way.” – Three Weeks Magazine (Edinburgh Fringe Festival). Read the full review here.

“The quintet exudes gracious charm and naturalness” – HNA Magazine (Kassel). Read the full review (in German) here.

 “The Love Orchestra offers a unique experience combining folk, choral, gypsy, pop and classical music whilst performing with a powerful interconnectedness, offbeat humour and a rare sweetness that is mesmerising, entrancing and transforming. They work with cello, guitars, keyboard and a range of percussion but it is their voices with their harmonies and an extraordinary vocal range that draws you in and never lets you go.” – Robert Wilson

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