Awake Me UP


Awake Me UP is a culture- and development project that is made in the city where our main office is located, Västerås, Sweden.

The purpose of Awake Me UP is to gather the people in and around Västerås with eachother and the world in a colorful and emotional show, where everything and everyone is welcome to join. This year the main theme is Human Rights and we’ve chosen to put the focus in Womens Rights.

“The 29th of June at 19:45 the main square of Västerås exploded in a feast of joy. 300 performers from all genres of society came together to give an original and gigantic show with music, dance, action, acrobatics, fireworks and media. Awake Me UP made use of the surroundings with action taking place on 3 main stages, whereof one was on the roof of the adjacent shopping mall IGOR. Live feed of the actors, dancers and musicians were seen on two massive LED screens and the feed was shown LIVE at 5 cinemas across the region. Never before has anything similar been attempted in this spot. 3000 people came to revel in creativity and the joy of seeing so many work together for them!”

Photos from photographer Linnéa Pettersson

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