Voices on Awake Youth

Words from teachers at St:ilian and Bäckby-skolan, where we had a week-long workshop about health.

– Completely fantastic leaders who know how to work with youth.

– I also noticed that Awake project as a working team functioned super-well amongst themselves.

– The planning was very well thought through and was therefore easy for teachers to follow and for students to execute. All leaders started out with small steps and proceeded to increase the tempo and levels and by this created something the whole group were able to participate in.

– The leaders succeeded in promoting the students both as individuals, when they were recorded on film and were asked to talk about their own relation to health, and as group members when the whole show was put together and everyone participated and contributed with what their group had trained and prepared.

– There was an international atmosphere around the whole project and the students were captured by the backgrounds of the leaders.

– The Audience, that mostly consisted of fellow students and staff from the schools, showed an enormous appreciation the days after.

The Students have achieved many goals:

– The leaders have been speaking English and that has strengthened the students language abilities.

– The students have achieved a stronger sense of self and a better self confidence. I have seen  how many have grown and increased their self esteem.

– They have learnt to co operate with students from St:Ilian.

– Those students who are part of the school newspaper have observed the project and written about it at  www.idasidan.se

– Many rhythmical and musical goals

The energy  and joy of the leaders was spread and I have never seen so many truthful smiles from the students simultaneously as I saw during the Awake Youth Project week.


Review from our workshops at the RUM Festival, an event where young swedish musicians meet to play for each other.

Powerful Wind-up of The Festival.
In just a few day it is possible to create a  tremendous choir concert with hundreds of musicians, singers and dancers. This was evident when the weekend’s music festival ended in the Concert Hall on Sunday.
It was the Västeras-based ensemble Awake Project, that had taken on the reckless challenge. During the weekend, string musicians, singers, percussionists, and dancers rehearsed first separately before all parts were put together into a powerful and funky performance.
An impressive venture by director Christopher Sivertsen and his ensemble of the Awake Project, but especially by all participating youth.
VLT Monday, May 23, 2011 Staffan Bjerstedt

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