The heart of the matter

One of Awake Projects biggest matters of the heart is working with and for young people. We do this in projects where we engage and challenge them on their terms and levels. By stimulating coordination between the brain halves through physical exercises and music, members of the Awake Projects team lead the young ones through joyful and playful exercises to increase collaboration, courage, self worth, tolerance and ability to find ones place in a group.

We utilize the extensive experience we have from our educations as actors, musicians, dancers and directors and depending on the length of the project, we create and compose études and performances where the youngsters are the performers, closely led by the awake projects ensemble.

Since 2007 we have worked with thousands of kids from countries like Sweden, Poland, England, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Chechnya, and Rwanda. We have made performances with aspiring young actors from all over the UK at The North Wall in Oxford three years in a row, as well as leading 120 fifteen and sixteen yearolds from 32 different origins in a massive show about health in the concert hall in Västerås in Sweden. We have directed kids who grew up on the streets and in the slum as well as giving regular classes to school children in Sweden through creative school projects.

We continue to seek for ways of inspiring young people to make true and good choices for themselves. We believe that having a strong sense of self gives inspiration to create a future where tolerance, multi-culture and constructivism is a driving force forwards.

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