Press on AWAKE

Edinburgh Fringe August 2013

Three Weeks * * * * * ‘Awake’; it’s damn bloody brilliant. It’s funny, heart-breaking, sexy, strange, but above all else, it’s beautiful. I cannot find fault with it, and cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Scotsman * * * * “Superbly expressive…  Big ideas, beautifully wrapped.

BroadwayBaby * * * * * “Awake is a hard-hitting show. Sensitive and authentic”

Performance reviewed * * * *  Brilliant ensemble cast. Awake forces wide the deep spaces in your mind that normally don’t see the light of day.”

Before Edinburgh – a selection:

A “… they move with such fluidity that it is as if music runs through their reins and flows between them… Sivertsen’s direction makes for an enthralling piece that takes it’s audience on the physical and emotive journey that is presented with such determined and obvious skill.” Jake Orr, 7th October 2011

Daily Info Oxford  “We need artists like this – exploring the challenges of life with honesty, passion and great theatrical skill.”… “If you care for theatre that has humanity, poetry and fearlessness then I suggest you try and catch this show. … “It may be the most remarkable show you see this year.” Steven Egan  13th of October 2011

VLT – “.. a dance of death with the same beautiful melancholy as Lou Reed’s ‘twilight’ ballad “Perfect Day.” Dan Linder in VLT 3rd June 2012

Oxford Theatre Review * * * * *  “..Awake is an intensive experience, masterfully woven together with a constantly evolving narrative as skillful as it is surprising.  Josephine Mitchell 13.10. 2011


 What people of the audience say; a selection 

“Everything merges and draws you in. What a universe.  Strong acting performances, beautiful voices and an impressive use of acrobatics and the set. Simply an absolutely fantastic show.” Audience member at Tou Camp, Stavanger, Norway

“Their landscapes are like dreams – beautifully blinded with ambiguous messages that stir the imagination and in a mysterious way, provides deeper insights into it, the more you think back on the show.  … Their strength is to mesmerize those who dare wander to see them. They get a total experience of art! ” Peter De Votoartistic director and CEO of Kulturhuset Ytterjärna, Sweden since 1974

“This inspiring piece moved me to tears, wrenched my guts, filled me with awe and laughter:.. !” Dorothy Anne Prescott @ Edfringe wesite

“You have found a rhythm, a pulse and a balance between these elements that make the story really move me.” Trond Hannemyr – Director of the PIT festival, Norway

“This act made me cry by its realistic subject. The actors were so great. We enjoyed the way they choose to express deep emotions, the temptation to avoid the truth, not to tell the truth to friends or beloved ones. The circus acrobatics were like a great storm. Bravo!” Ginette St-Jacques @ Edfringe Website

“The combination of music and physical theatre succeeds in transmitting powerful emotions … this show touched my heart. Their musical performance Awake Love Orchestra was a joy to attend as well.” Gabriela Alexandru @ Edfringe website


Excellent! Thought provoking and a brilliant performance. Euan Duncan @ Edfringe website



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