Pelle Holst (S)

Pelle HolstPelle has also participated in a number of different stage workshops in mask, clown, spoken and physical storytelling with teachers such as: Christopher Sivertsen, Lars Henrik Biecher and Thomas Ahlströmer.

In addition Pelle has obtained certcicates in stage-pyrotechnics, highaltitude rigging and fire safety through official courses. He also teaches fire safety to children on the behalf of Mälardalens fire brigade. From the age of twelve, Pelle has been busking on the streets of Sweden and Europe.

Pelle has since 2010 been a performer in the AuBrana resident company OBRA’s performance Gaudete. He was recently awarded a Research and Development Stipendium from the city of Västerås for his innovative and passionate work in the performing arts.

”I find the work and our process very interesting and I consider myself lucky to be part of such an wonderful ensemble.”

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