Daniel Elahi (S)

DanielElahiBorn in Sweden and raised in Västerås, he started dancing at Carlforsska highschool dance program, at the age 16. Since then he has grown a passion for various forms of dance. Schooled in ballet, contemporary and jazz, he has also grown a huge interest for the hiphop and house culture.  During 2010-2011 he studied different streetdance styles suchs as breaking, popping, locking, house and hiphop at Åsa Folkhögskola in Katrineholm. One of Europes top streetdance educations with dancers such as: Fredrick “Freeze” Herranen, Oskar “Supreme” Pitré, Martin C. Ferretti, Niki Tsappos, Anik “Coco pops” Ahmed etc. In August 2011 Daniel will be moving to New York where he will study at Broadway Dance Center.

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