Christopher Finnegan (UK)

Christopher started at his mothers School of theatre in 1991, primarily training in classical dance. In 2007 he joined Sunshine Dance Studios. Whilst working at sunshine studies,  Christopher was a resident at the C.Y.A.C theatre. His time at the C.Y.A.C, christopher collaborated with International Companies such a Dende Collective (Kwaidan 2008) and Forced Entertainment (Use Blue for night 2008). These environments acted as a creative pressure cooker, and manifested itself through a melting pot of Rhythm, Spoken Word, BeatBox, Contemporary Movement, and Theatre.
After three years of committing himself to his craft; in 2014 Christopher Graduated from Manchester School of Theatre (B.A HONS), training under two of his major influences Niamh Dowling and Gabriel Garwin.
The last three years of Christopher’s life he has worked with the NorthWall Outreach Poject (Oxford, UK). The North Wall enabled Christopher to excel as both an ensemble member and a Leader, allowing him the space and time to experiment with, and develop the foundations that support his own body of emerging work.
“I am excited to be apart of the Awake Team because the work is so enticing. When you perceieve them on the stage, all your senses are at attention, and their commitment to the performance is only matched by their commitment to each other. Also the international work they do helping communities of underprivileged children is a way for me to pass on the gifts and opportunity that were given to me as a child”.

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