Christopher Finnegan (UK)

Christopher is a English/Irish Actor and workshop facilitator. He began his development studying classical dance at the Anne Finnegan Theatre School from the age of 3. Graduating from Manchester School of Theatre in 2014 he has since gone on to choreograph large-scale events, and theatre performances and continues to collaborate with several theatre companies both in the UK and Internationally.

He has Written and Directed performances for Kiln Theatre and the Theatre Royale Plymouth using rhythm, spoken word, beatbox, voice, dance and acting techniques to create vivid and exciting theatre experiences for all ages.

Christopher also facilitates community-based projects, empowering young people’s growth and providing creative outlets for elderly people living in Isolation.

Since 2008 Christopher has performed in many shows that have toured internationally and nationally, notably ‘Song of Riots’ with The Awake Projects, ‘Fast Track’ with the Oxford North Wall, ‘Underground’ with Babel Theatre, and ‘The Return’ with Square Peg theatre company. Christopher is also the Founder of The Growth House UK, which is a company dedicated to bringing artists of all backgrounds together in order to enrich the industry with new, organic and dynamic works of performance.


“Working with Awake Projects is one of the most artistically and personally formative experiences I have ever had. The process of exploration has always been something that expanded my own scope of theatricality and performance. They are champions of empowering each person they meet, and I am yet to witness any of their work that didn’t inspire me and everyone around me.”


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