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Awake LOVE Orchestra recorded their first studio album in 2013, so you can now take the ALO-magic with you home.

The CD is always available to buy at our concerts, you can also buy it for 100 SEK in the reception at Växhuset in Västerås, Sweden. If you wish to order it, contact GM Julia Pliscovaz at

The CD is also available on Spotify and Itunes!


“Awake LOVE Orchestra” – Awake LOVE Orchestra

1. “Det flög två vita duvor” – A composition by ALO and  Anna-Helena McLean of traditional songs learned from Theatre Slava and Teatr Piesn Kozla

2. “Come Home With Me” – Text/Music by Christoffer Rogerson, Arrangement by ALO

3. “Dusza Maja” – Composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Arrangement by ALO

4. “Confitemini” – Learned during our years in the Slava Theatre, Arrangement by ALO

5. “Bral Loop (Live)” – Recorded Live at Västerås Waldorf School by Thomas Molnia Falk. A composition by ALO of traditional songs we have learned during our years with Teatr Piesn Kozla


Vocals – Maria Sendow

Vocals/Cello – Hanna Björck

Bass/Keys/Percussion/Loop Master/ – Jonas Färnlöf

Vocals/Percussion/Guitar/Flute – Christoffer Rogerson

Vocals/Percussion – Christopher Sivertsen

Recorded at Studio Västerås by Vladi Vargas, mixed at Soundism by Vladi Vargas.

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