Sam Dunstan (UK)

Sam is a Yorkshire born graduate of the European Theatre Arts course at Rose Bruford College from 2014. During training he worked as a performer and director in London, Oxford, Edinburgh and Barcelona. Both in and out of training, Sam has also worked with many esteemed directors who have influenced his style of working such as Flick Ferdinando, Christopher Sivertsen, Lucy Maycock, Colin Ellwood and Natalie Scott & Joe Thorpe. These directors have imbedded Sam’s work with the freedom of play, the power of rhythm and the guide of atmosphere which he aims to bring to any rehearsal room he is in.

In 2013, Sam attended the Summer Residency at the The North Wall Arts Centre. At the same time, Awake Projects were rehearsing Awake and Awake LOVE Orchestra for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Sam was captivated by the training and rehearsals: the blend of text, music and movement as well as the themes and ideas being explored. He finally got his chance to work with Awake Projects in 2015 when he helped produce Song of Riots at the North Wall Arts Centre and Battersea Arts Centre. Now he works at the companies UK base developing new work and training opportunities.

As well as producing, Sam is also an artist in residence at The Fly Pit in Norwood Junction where he makes theatre and film with other artists from across London and the world.

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